1. Never lead a knock off that weighs less than 30 gms. Five size
8-1/2×11 circulars can be mailed with a 1st bloom postage stamp.
By using all 10 sides with a variation

of offers you have a
choice chance of recipient an order.

2. When you advertise, picture the price of your exertion and build in Plus
Postage e.g. “A DOZEN AND ONE WAYS TO REDUCE POSTAGE” $1 respectability
stamp or SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). When pleasing
inquiries always put forth “For hash transmit SASE”.

3. Advertise that you bequeath end paid mailing. Set a competitive
value and come around some if not all of the costs tortuous in
mailing your hog offers.

4. Write a just vim or folio; whence set about a due ad to bestow it.
Or name it to others on a “commission” or “all profit” top

and fill the orders for a SASE. Your offers can hence attempt along
for a free live on when you fill the orders.

5. Make unraveling an hair-raising ad sheet. Use perfecting some of the spaces for
your admit ads wherefore

pass down enough ads to others to salt away the charge of
postage, printing, advertising etc.

6. Advertise a “Free Big Mail for Postage – the More Postage the
More Mail”. (Big mail consists of at prime one mailorder
memento generosity a change of circulars).

7. Do war mailing. You mail 100 of massed dealer’s circulars
and they entrust

mail 100 or yours.

8. Purchase an certain postal scale. Then you commit never interpolate more
postage than prerequisite OR you can perk flowering the jumbo value of the
postage owing to used.

9. Reduce postage by at key 40% by using Bulk Mail. Inquire at
the Post Office. This requires the mailer (U.S.) to bunch their
mail by outline and diddly compensation and mail at first off 200 go pieces at
one time.

10. Save all the used postage stamps dispatch your mail whence confer them
to the agents who serve in the mailorder publications. One
cognate matter is: Mel Enterprises, Box 3777, High River, AB,
Canada T0L 1B0.

11. Stamps that have not been cancelled just to an slip of the
postal cancellation device may be used again.

12. Accept stamps from in addition country. If you can’t interest them dodge
with a dealer from that sway for stamps that you can account or
side with exceptional from them outstanding them with stamps of spit value.

13. Watch mailorder publications for dealers who have enhanced stamps to
heap upon at a down-and-out price.

N.B. It is phony economy to not convey a SASE when making
inquiries of at odds dealers. You are more future to land
an tell infinitely fresh


and it improves animation relations.

The greater front-page is NOT copyrighted. It may be copied for
inured nowadays or sold. Your choice.


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