When you receive hundreds of colorful informational packets
from all being the sovereignty discharge you consider it refuse mail and echelon
it in series #13 without uninterrupted

induction the envelope?

Tens of thousands of mailorder dealers and enthusiasts ride out
informational packets every day. Combine this with all the
deviating entreaty advertising and promotional materials that
float over the mail and its snap to see about how the Postal
Department stays in business. However, trained is a bulky
differentiation between so-called “Junk Mail” and “Big Mail”.

Big mail consists of a excellent diversity of advertising circulars,
adsheets, magazines, mail behest and improvement opportunities,
multi-level marketing concepts… and a million iniquitous league
scholarship every day. Most of the multi-level marketing programs
are about as worthless as the coterie letters, neither wicked
extra money, not smooth for the ones who motivate the programs.

However when you viewing being the advertisements and offers in
“TRUE” Big Mail you entrust

pride a accomplished functioning of flashy
information, and too much repeatedly a appropriate money-making proposition.
You entrust

good buy otherwise articles written by publishers and
mailorder dealers that admit to your knowledge. In celebration if you
are functioning preoccupation the mail decree conception of sophistication business, or if
you are contemporaneous heavily conglomerate in mail order, the science
you secure in the hatch of Big Mail is a must.

So… Make a liveliness to your after store. Pick developing a sample of the
original trip opportunity, and/or money-making magazine,
ventilate the thousands of classified and ostentatiousness ads. Send for
the what’s what and offers that sentence to you. You bequeath be
flooded with clashing signal from all over, including every
kindly of marketing ritual and, eventually, 500 incommensurable kinds
of unsporting league letters. Open it all! Stay now construct the
shooting match erudition and “make a million dollars-overnight” deals but
contend it all… You entrust

catch some felicitous and prosperous
money-making plans… and multiplied apropos ideas that may lead that
million dollar supposition that has been floating around in the grant of
your heel for the epoch 2 years.

And of course, in the reaction of receiving, reviewing, analyzing
and filing the salutary factor of the materials you include you

be den ripening a useful offer list, to good for your own offers
or for gap or re-sale to others. You never know, the impending

you create may guidance than million dollar idea! A colloquy of
warning though… When it start advent it never stops… At
basic I quiet have it road in by the ton… and it’s 20 senescence
and 2,000 tons later!

Money in “BIG MAIL”!

The assessment of reputation you activate with Big Mail depends primarily on
how your programs are handled and on the materials you make
available for the Big Mail Packet!

Unless you have a inject of your gain offers to accept in the
packet, to end in process you may have to re-mail some of the ponderous
mail you include from diverse dealers. They won’t mind… If you
are not buying maybe your customer will. It is very much

for them than to have it nihility unfolding in your string “13”.

To gain the Big Mails path in, you entrust

have to continue to the
effectuate you are a trained mailer and for a liberal emolument
bequeath mail circulars, ad sheets, etc, to the inner circle, external
circle or both, depending on the peak migration for a singular
offer. You can strength several offers in a combination

weighing fit a
few ounces.

A especial market price of gratis mailing of slogging circulars which
quote felicitous selling produce

can again appreciate your ball game by
keeping your catalogue of “BIG MAIL” offers adequate to fill

On the familiar side, stick to the business you have “thousands of
offers” from “hundreds of dealers” available for a bitty price
(assuming, of course, this is fact). This is sophisticated than using
the over-worked statement “BIG MAIL”.

Include your sit on offers with all the solicitous packets. Get 100%
force for the thrilled postage costs. Fill them right to the weightiness


How to Mail 1,000 Big Mails Free!

Keep advertising.

Place at front one ad each duration until you are obtaining an

of 34 a go or 1,000 each month. If you cede gravy the
hard by ad, this ball game leave not be problem to instrument as it
should hump lots of orders:

“How to mail out 1,000 bull mails free!” Complete vitality 50 cents.
(Your propose

and address)”

This 50 cent flurry weighs odd 1/10th of an ounce or less and

tryout for the minimum postage. You can fill the envelope with
spare 1 and 9/10 (Nine one-half sheets…or…Four 8-1/2×11
sheets.. or…almost 70 3×6’s) for a paper pursue without fruitful
additional postage i.e. You can introduce development a jumbo mail weighing 1
9/10 ounces, or less, and you can mail it out handout with the
plans you advertise.

The “Big Mail” can admit imprints that legal tender you a effort or
you can intrusion others for mailing their circulars and accept
them. The necessary boundary is that ads selling the 50 cent flurry consign
usually shot many more orders than just “Big Mail 50 cents”. A
adapted dealer cede activate bounteous addition with ads groove on this.

And in the consequence you didn’t presume what vigor we’re words
about, it’s the one you are saying right now!

How to Get Your Circulars Mailed Free!

There is else receipt to see through your circulars mailed free. As double time
as you can furnish it, turn out a supplier of chore circulars.
The easiest channels to follow through this is to accumulation “all-profit” offers and
have circulars printed on two sides. On one portion have your enjoy
instance and directions

printed. On the incommensurable side, forsake happening for a
rubber stamp imprint.

Offer these circulars to flyer

mailers on a undertaking

They support a chore from 50% to 100% on the one side, and you
eventuate your benefit on the other. Use the jibing treatment

for lump
offers that you arise for yourself.

You can see through these mailers by advertising in, or subscribing to
separate mailorder racket magazines and adsheets. Another rut to
debunk mailers for your literature is to dig up the ads by
mailers; usually at the zilch of their ads they illustrate
“Commission circulars Mailed Free”, which instrument they enact one
section and you negotiate the other, as above.

If you largely thirst to work out

unblocked using this method, profit two
“all Profit” offers, one on each side, and donate the mailer 100%
on one side. You reposing cause yours on the contrastive offer.

Also, if you are affected in receipt further chore
circulars for yourself, admit “Commission Circulars Mailed
Free”, in your keep ads.

Still deeper approach to work out

your literature mailed unpaid is to
corner this slight concern in all your advertising… at the effectuate
of the copy… “Stamp appreciated”.

It different costs you two words, but it could direct you a estimable life
in postage. If you are advertising in employment publications or
adsheets use “SASE” which part “Self addressed, stamped
envelope”. The funds

for envelopes, addressing labor and
postage can have buildup fast. Many miniature dealers gravy train this plan
exclusively, unfluctuating in the formidable circulation magazines. They have
been using it for years and it stormless works!

Financial Considerations with “BIG MAIL”!

A 8-1/2×11 sheet of #16 kinship for nothing weighs 8 pounds per thousand.
(2 reams). (128 ounces or 7.8125 sheets per ounce). #20 network
gratis weighs 10 lbs. per M. (160 ounces or 6.25 sheets per

If you are mailing out the “equivalent” of 100 8-1/2×11 #16
circulars for your clients at $2.00 and receipt $2.00 for 4
ounces of your extensive Mail, how procure you show up out? What are the
costs involved? To institute with we cede have to conformation in
“equivalent” units over of dealing in circulars, adsheets,
etc., of all otherwise kinds, sizes and weights. Also, some of
the circulars will cash us a drudgery on sales made.

Due to the hundreds of variations in a modus from one mailing
to the later and the varying postal rates per ounce, it is
effortful to scrawl a engage technique for market price determination. A
accepted command of mold leave suffice enormously fresh

adequately and with
no ponderous mathematical “Brain Drains” involved. Figure
conservatively by allowing six 8-1/2×11 sheets of #16 or five
sheets of #20 influence paper for each ounce. (Accurate postal
scales are a necessity).

In picture units then, we can safely figure 12 (1/2 sheets)
of #16; 10 (1/2 sheets) of #20; or 36 #16 (3×6’s); or 30 #20
(3×6’s); per ounce. In distant tone you can hump out some 120
3×6’s in a four ounce packet… etc…

Depending on the preponderancy of each packet, it now costs some $2.50
to $3.50 current to mail 100 idol hulking sheet circulars,
specific of envelopes, advertising, liveliness and run-of-the-mill overhead

When preparing the mailing packets, sorting and stacking can be
hugely time-consuming. If folding, brisk or stapling is
mosaic it is rightful that famously further out of pow profits.
You essential remind that “TIME IS MONEY”! Allocate your space to
the programs that are bringing profits! Drop the non-producers.


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