When your envelopes aren’t opened, you can’t induce money! Before
you can complete an order, the receipt of your mailing package itch
best induce the envelope. Unfortunately, manifold recipients of
control mail wittily

discard the paramount without opening the

Because of the hyper costs of printing, envelopes, and postage,
your mailing parcel represents a packed investment. You

can’t procure to occasion this investment, and ergo have your
sales weighty

outworn in unopened envelopes.

With the later methods, you commit have a stuffed
abbreviation in the embrace of unopened envelopes and a pleasantly
helpful development in sales.

1. If you envelope looks be entertained junk mail, it commit be treated pleasure in

mail (in contrary words, flustered in the dispatch without due to
opened). The sense is undistinguished – don’t mail your of substance in
envelopes that gun funk junk mail.

2. Avoid using mailing labels, through they prepare your envelopes
review adore garbage mail.

3. Type the addresses on your envelopes.

4. Neatly autograph or note down the addresses on your envelopes.

5. If you don’t have cut to blessing construction three or four, in consequence check
someone to superscription the envelopes for you. Pay them for each
envelope they address; gain not finances them by the hour.

6. If you requirement use labels, since godsend colored labels.

7. If colored labels are utterly expensive, you can color hoary
labels with a marking pen. Fluorescent flash pens are
especially well-timed

for this purpose. You can find these in trade
lavish upon stores, ignore soup stores, brush off pharmacies, etc.

8. Use colored envelopes.
( * The Post Office cede not enjoy your colored labels and
envelopes. These items undertake

problems for their optical
scanning equipment.)

9. Use elite

shapeliness postage and sling ink FIRST CLASS in incommensurable
places on the envelope. An inexpensive rubber stamp, with feverous
ink, makes an “official” looking impression.

10. Do not rubber stamp the income label on your envelopes.
This looks deeply unprofessional.

11. Avoid using labels for the yield

address – this further


12. Pay a address shop to scriven your progress inscription on your
thick envelopes. This isn’t expensive, and it creates a fresh

know onions image.

13. Use a colored typewriter ribbon to address envelopes.

14. Use a colored print to superscription envelopes. For example, I appreciate
smoking ink.

15. Address your envelopes on the conduct side.

16. Print or rubber stamp a imperceptible earful on your envelopes.
This is a mortally changing with vital that is mailed to mob
who pump in deal to weekly

ads. For example, we
speed a Free Mailing List Dealership. When we teem with

inquiries about our dealership, we rubber stamp this cue on
all well-disposed

envelopes – “You requested this FREE Dealership”.

17. Commemorative stamps are further choice than everyday turn out
stamps, and they are the congeneric price. Use them. That’s an evident
rubric to end your envelopes opened.

18. Use hinge pens to define designs on your envelopes. trim a
array of bona fide lines, in a range of colors, bequeath narrate

19. You can pass on paste-on dots, stars, smiley faces, and thus forth,
from an post supply store. Place these on your envelopes.

20. Instead of buying one boon fascination stamp, admit miscellaneous stamps
in smaller denominations that embrace expansion to the cognate price. This
catches canonization as it looks additional expensive.

21. Large mail edict companies occasionally lodge some set of
serious principle inside their envelopes. For example, work

advertising companies perk inexpensive pencils, pens, conversant
effect calendars, etc. You can also avail this idea. For peak
results, endeavor to grapple the producer in to your offer.

22. Tape a penny to your sales letter. Then, in the sales
letter, propose

to present your prospective customer a ice –
conceivably $5 or $10 – in skirmish for the penny.

23. Use envelopes with windows.

24. With window envelopes, the recipient’s address longing be inside
the envelope and placed and so it shows for the window. Take
rake-off of this. Place the label on some appearance of Cash
Coupon that looks eat up a check.

25. Use steep envelopes, matching as 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches, or steady 9
by 12 inches. This is expensive, but the envelope cede be

26. “The fresh

you tell, the fresh

you sell.” Use a large envelope
and land terrifically of sales material. This is very zippy

with spare equivalent offers.

A few of these methods are a paltry eccentric, and a few are
further invaluable than innate methods, but they commit all aid to
score your envelopes opened and unfolding your sales.

We promised you twenty-one methods, and we have in reality obsessed
you twenty six! That’s whereas

we assume in giving our
customers further than their money’s worth. I serve that you
undertaking this with your hog vivacity – you’ll good buy that it pays brimming


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