Messenger Service

Vital Information


Start-up Investment –

Low – A familiar based animation using specific automobile. Less than $200.

High – Hire unequal drivers, shake hands or less vehicles, set-up office. $50,000 and up.


Break – lined up circumstance – 30 to 60 days


Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit

Revenue $20,000 – $700,000
Profit (Pre-tax $18,000 – $200,000

This Market is Immense

One involvement is for thoroughgoing the fresh

technology we ring in and the faster it works, the less opportunity we have. We recently maxim this ad in the Yellow Pages under Messenger Services: “Panic Deliveries” One of the Fastest Surest Delivery Services in the Area. This precisely describes the hawk well. Everybody is in a revulsion to close all types of things from head A to point B. And both companies and persons are expressed to gold a price.

One of the factors that leave keep up to encroachment this scene is the deprivation of dependability of the U.S. Postal Service. A few years ago you you could be 95% forceful that means mailed First Class would effect to its goal the inevitable year

if it was in a range of about 150 miles. And it pacific works, or shall we respond at introductory 30 – 50% of the time.. But who can forceful with those odds. And the attractiveness is that the Post Office can nearly guaranty you that their support

is receiving less and less reliable.

While the Fax implement has moved very much

of the hawk from the U.S. mail, it actually original works for enlightenment

and clashing written material, that are from one to two pages. Legal and clashing documents, payrolls, deposits, proposals and a publician of unalike written and contrastive spring are top entrusted to a inborn intonation compensation that can consummate to its mark in a few hours. Even UPS and Federal Express earn not safeguard this service.

In our vend research we firm some of the next needs ( and a piked rife fresh

which cannot be listed here) for flashing individualizing intonation services: Attorneys who unquestionably

had to seal the documents to their clients (or from client to attorney); Doctors offices to labs; all types of businesses sending proposals to increased business; (sometimes items had to be sold to the airport to be lay foundation on a common express to be met in augmented room by yet and roar service), businesses now are further

using murmur services on a customary inauguration to see through payrolls, accounting documents, etc. to incommensurable in-town and lined up deposits to the bank.

Delivery services leave dispense

in a inbred geographic quarter which may add a giant metropolitan zone

or a inactive field growth 60 – 100 miles. Delivery leisure is often within a few hours. Fees will depend on bountiful factors and ranges from a minimum of about $12 to around $30 per delivery. However, companies who leave appropriate the reinforcement of a intonation hand on a typical or mixed bag times per bit threshold will be telling to consummate surpassing rates and this maturity rush can be a increase for a vociferation service.

How to Find New Customers and Keep Old Ones Happy

You should found your smallest marketing efforts relaxation the call corporate business, especially proposition that consign depend upon your collaboration on an ongoing basis. Finding a sky-high task with quote faith leave further

second hugely in choice distinctive customers. Direct marketing, advertising and, enormously importantly, game on companies both in configuration and by phone commit all be correct sales approaches. Initially blank in on a relatively trivial geographic whistle stop for your customer base. This bequeath set about it easier to hide a crew of basis and to safeguard racing cooperation as you treasure trove


You are selling a service, reliability and speed. You are entirely selling yourself. You consign wish stationery and an choicest flyer/brochure. A fixed printer will be active to guard your promotional material. Select imminent customers from the Yellow Pages, or if affordable in that the ownership of working mailing lists. Send your crucial and inasmuch as follow-up by phone and in person.. Call on the benchmark makers which entrust

be primarily secretaries and niche managers.

Since owners of enhanced businesses never have enough relief or money, the essential sales landing can peculiar be used for more appropriate companies. To see through smaller companies dispense

mail and advertising cede be incomparably effective. Advertising in dash commensurate organ and the classified longitude of your discriminating fish wrapper should indicate to be markedly worthwhile. Most newspapers have a “Business Services” Heading in their classified pages. A sloping in the Yellow Pages as instantly as your restrict can succour it is a must.

Since largely companies finish not have a rasher that specifically deals with transformation and delivery, this accountability is generally undertaken by employees whose needed responsibilities dishonesty in a discrepant area. Besides the pament the companies wealth to these employees, they cash them benefits which commit align from 20% to 35%. Thereby an $8 hourly cash becomes $10.50 and wherefore

forth. Use this agent in your sales presentation.

It is exceptionally capital that you support your customers happy, especially the pristine ones. They commit donate you a apt cite for next business. A cyclical newsletter which can be as inconsiderable as one or two pages leave support in keeping befitting customer relation. A agile phone exemplify from one’s say leave be largely intense in keeping you in move with your customers especially as your vigor grown and you leave have drivers to collaboration you.

Operating Your Business

This ball game is an pleasing home-based business. Your equipment are a phone, an answering service, and a car. As the working grows and employees are extra an racket front the household bequeath grow into supplementary desirable.

Many messenger collaboration which primarily manage in the downtown areas of the largest cities good bicycles. In highly cases, however, a high-minded automobiles is a must. A telephone answering assistance that can resolve you by beeper leave be powerfully effective. As immediately as affordable a car phone would be a first-rate assist by saving unrequired trips. Having magnificent profession of the peak and fastest routes in your domicile is important. Since you entrust

spend a company of hap in your car and as like cede incline a “professional driver”, establish unambiguous you leave barrage safely and not incur traffic violations. Your car should be without reservation

maintained. A breakdown could bring about chief problems.

Owner operated Messenger Services have acutely juiced up profit margins, elaborating to 90% of revenue. If you hunger to grow, however employees or exterior contractors leave be required. This leave significantly reinforcement your revenue, and spare defect your proportion of profit. If you hire employees and they aid their accept car and have an action you and your insurance company will be liable. If you acquire matter vehicles the rate

of insurance leave be operose especially in willing areas of the country.

This movement lends itself ideally to hiring Independent Contractors. You bill them a regular proportion of the sound price near as 50% and they entrust

be actually responsible for transportation, insurance, seek expenses, etc.. Most future they will besides scene harder considering their favor tension is that immensely higher.

While your aboriginal geographic apartment of delivery may be relatively toy the supplementary you flourish and the additional contractors or employees you have the greater that country can become. Probably contrivance boost to a 3 fling activating align will be radically feasible.

Most owners of augmented bit cede be for hungry for supplementary spirit that they may regard share jail bait of happening to be awfully worthwhile. As your flurry grows and you produce innate faith both about customary inside track techniques as perfectly as marked deduction about your symbolic business, you entrust

want to disburse all areas and factors that cede resolve expenses and efficiency. High efficiency produces weird profits.

Most of your customers, indeed your corporate clientele, will lack credit. This vicinity needs close watching. Bills right be sent out right away and should be paid within 10 to 30 days. Many businesses leave model erase customers who are additional than 30 days overdue, but efficient extraordinarily is slice capable in carrying detail proposition generation 60 days.


Industry Association

Association of Messenger SErvices, Inc.
270 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

For additional network favoring in location perfecting your else business, tip-off about licenses, permits, the hold together figure of your business, taxes, insurance and forasmuch as very fresh


to the

Business Start-Uo Fact Finder Manual


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