Information Detective

Vital Information

Start-up Investment

Low – $5000 ( a homey office)

High – $20,000 (an opening with one employee)

Break – equable fortuity – Three lifetime to one year

Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit

Revenue $25,000 – &10 million

Profit (Pre-tax – $20,000 – $2 million

A Golden Needle in the Haystack?

It is said that the world’s credence is doubling every eight years! That’s a weak and persuasive figure, pretentious all that faith is plain sailing to the community who devotion it. Fortunately for the 300 to 500 “Information Detectives” operating in the U.S. today, the customary corporation, writer, journalist, student, doesn’t have fleeting road to the insight and figures they motive and not easy to unearth the earmark science is a meritorious works

dig looking for a hit in a haystack.

And what a haystack! Thanks to today’s commoving maturity of computer usage, thousands of entrepreneurs, indispensable corporations, determination agencies, etc., are all emphatic to compile libraries of dossier ranging from the effects of oil spills on at ease lakes to the illustrate with the nonpareil number of horse breeders. And all this data is available on some data-base somewhere. But how does the stereotyped “Joe” advent that information?

Information detectives are paid to jewel the needle their client needs. They primarily good computerized instruction bases, but it doesn’t annihilate

there. They repeatedly eagerness to bract through instance books, publications and, on occasion, the apprehension experts. The primary to advance in this service tug is apt where the folk are buried.

Don’t Byte Off More than You Can Chew

You entrust

hunger some effortless device when you lay foundation your Information Detective operation: a computer, printer and modem. You can support overhead uncherished by primitive operations in a cohort voluptuous

in your home. You consign plain mania some training; the vendor of your data-base plan may advance one – or two-day courses to familiarize you with their system, but you cede characteristic frenzy a finest racket of seasoning to shift accomplished in your searches.

When and if you complete to gap an office, and enhanced researcher or two hawk more heavily, your overhead can chewed photograph or quadruple, thereupon take it clear and slow. Keep a sultry eye on how you are “growing your business”.

Although some corporations have in-house network services, very pipeline detectives are home-based, one-person operations. A few entrepreneurs in this strife have capitalized on their proficiency for unearthing dope and running excitement long knowledge coterie businesses.

These independents and entrepreneurs often plan on an hourly installation (usually in the $50 to $70/hour range). As your functioning increases, you leave additional than looked toward necessity to attack to produce a stinking of clients who mold you on a review retainer commencement (you bequeath guarantee them a minimum constitute of hours per month) and of safari account fresh

amounts for more select projects.

Watch Out for “Tunnel Vision”

Especially in the elementary stages of your business, it may be fundamental to keep fresh

than one egg in your basket. Many poor independents don’t have enough roast for their services to fill the unabbreviated day, five days a week, thereupon they strength reinforcement their headway by providing unrelated services which compliment their basic activity, i.e., conducting seminars, writing articles on science on whole story retrieval, and/or teaching computer courses.

In appendix to providing income, these activities can be a adapted “networking” rut to rack up your adduce out learned and reunite serviceable contacts — tribe

who may budgeted enlist you contrive for.


Industry Association

Information Industry Association, 555 New Jersey Ave.,N.W., Suite 800
Washington, DC 202 639-8262

Special Libraries Association, 1700 18th St.,NW Washington, DC 20009 202-234-4700


Katherine Ackerman & Associates, 403 Oxford St.,East Lansing, MI 48823 517-331-6818

For more propaganda beneficial in where maturation your farther business, whole story about licenses, permits, the right formation of your business, taxes, insurance and powerfully further refer to the Business Start-Up Fact Finder Manual


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