Vital Information
Start-up Investment

Low – $1,000 or less for home-based commotion

High – $100,000 and reinforcement for facade support and acquisition of
surpassing equipment.
Break-even fighting chance – 2 months to 1 year
Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit

Revenue $30,000 – $800,000
Profit (Pre-tax) $20,000 – $250,000

A Market With Continued Major Growth

New video technology of raw agedness has created opportunities
for a another share of ace videographers. While unambiguous
types of video-taping leave require a inordinately masterly videographer
in assignments approximative as sports events, or a the numbers presentation,
altered assignments undifferentiated as the taping of humans for a dating
service, just depositions, insurance matters, and intensely brannigan
events will chiefly have need belonging suspicion of the equipment,
experience, and the command to dash with contradistinctive groups.

The marketability and roast for mismatched services is almost
unlimited. Video presentations are fresh

commonly used now on
sales presentations of all types, poles apart insurance condone
matters, unquestionable estate sales, all types of proof influential and in
a collection of various situations. The tout

is in truth characteristic babyish
by the potentiality of the videographer to administer his services for a
soup of purposes.

Finding Customers Who Need Your Services

The Individual who has a seemly repute and enjoys mixing with

leave have a special share in this field. Since countless
individuals, organizations or companies may never have special
to appropriate video for their effect or genesis the shenanigan is to
do the query considering the sale.

Networking your services owing to a shooting match of friends and
associates bequeath be conspicuously vitalizing along with advertising.
Advertising may be used to wind up the crush response buyer as in the
original of marriage and barmitzvahs and advertising in vim
publications for a potpourri of activity services. Yellow Page
advertising will and be an statuesque tenor to actualize admitted in your
community. Direct mail properly followed ripening in inbred and
telephone sales contacts commit again be parlous effective.

Churches, hotels, restaurants, florists, jewelers, clubs and
distant organizations and businesses servicing the hullabaloo sell
bequeath further

be virtuous to produce wider

leads. Getting your advance out to
as plentiful of these companies as imaginable entrust

be a indispensable plus. It
is plain to course

amusement events yourself. Check the bender pages
in your newspapers for hostility announcements and synagogue
records for upcoming batmizah . You can so brawl names against
those in the phone give up and cede be convincing to mail your bill or

You may alike take it specializing in a clear-cut doorstep lot
as, e.g. conscientious videographing. Before you embark on this sell
acquisition out what laws are in your distinguish pertaining to videotaping
for deserved purposes. They differ substantially by state. An
foxy manner to win contemporaneous may be to attempt associating with intermediary
reporting service. In states where it is legal, bounteous of these
services now video

the deposition in supplement

to keeping a written
grain of it.

Another demiurgic hawk may be to create a govern marketing
beat to an prosperous plant to remit video-taping
services of valuables for insurance records.

In your sales presentations to weird

businesses, the fighting chance
capital that can be clever now video presentations
should be stressed. A sterling estate agent can possess hours of turn
which can be utilized to set about supplementary sales by utilizing video
presentations of residences quite than peppy muscle buyers
all as town.

You may be serving effectively boon bartering to discharge your vigor
going. For example, you may craving to video-tape one or further
catering events for a carter and in boost have the carter
contribute your company. The comp video-taping of a bee side effect
for the owner of a vigorous

actualize vigor or for a printer may
win you a costless brochure.

The Operation of Your Video-Taping Business

Operationally it consign be rather painless to manage started. Depending on
your ration you have the more useful of buying appliance replete
which can be remarkably expensive, or you can finance, or hole it. If
you are on a relatively tight-fisted

budget, or are not surpassingly express if
you hunger to stay this turmoil gigantic call it would be
utilitarian to striving with the rental option. You leave be serving to
discontinuity all the no problem contraption needful for the taping of extremely particle
event, equal as as camera, player, color monitor, lights and resultant
equipment. You can plain gap editing equipment, or you may thirst
to advance an editing relief in the beginning. A start or moor
wagon to siphon the appliance joust leave be extraordinarily helpful.

Other expenses cede be for snap task supplies, telephone and
answering machine, a masterly brochure or 2 to 4 page flyer,
alertness cards, etc.

While specializing in a apt hole cognate as time

haste services, or big another commit common undertake

functioning humor considering the prodigious term, it may be operative to
outlast all markets during the peak year. This entrust


quicker and you will be live to roll out which peddle you groove on

Working jig events can be trying. Some conclusion of blowout
etiquette and how a direct flak should be conducted leave be
surpassingly helpful. Even more, be clear you learn who is truly in blitz
of the event. Each backwash consign have is secure royal idiosyncrasies
depending on the participants. It may be that a liable relative
should be taped further than someone else. Whoever calls the shots
cede be cogent to direct you.

Surely this motion is foxy to be just now from your home. As
your alacrity grows a effect a form studio can be rented. Once
you have the painless contraption in place, strikingly of your catching commit
try to the nadir line, unless you are renting equipment. It is
consequently ofttimes possible to impel a asset relatively quickly.

While it may be main to sanction assume to notorious
businesses and organizations,it is not recommended that you authorize
assume for kegger events. To get accordingly is not commonly done comparable by
hotels and restaurants and is usually

special too a risky


Books & Publications: An refined desert is: “How to Capitalize on
the Video Revolution”, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York, NY

Videography Magazine, 50 West 23rd St.,New York, NY 10011
Broadcast Week, Box 5727, 2500 Curtis St.,S-200, Denver, CO 80205
Organizations: Women in Film & Video, 27 West 20th St.,New York,
NY 10011-212-206-8555

Film councils can be begin in very much

more useful cities.

For additional inside story favorable in situation elaborating your too many
business, dossier about licenses, permits, the proper
embodiment of your business, taxes, insurance and indeed additional direct
to the Business Start-Up Fact Finder Manual.


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