Computer Consultant

Vital Information

Start-up Investment

Low – $0 (consulting for substantive clients)

High – $5,000 (setting progression an function and advertising)


Break-even go at – Immediate to one year


Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit

Revenue $50,000 – $250,000
Profit (Pre-tax – $40,000 – $200,000


A Computer on Every Desk?

With the entrance of PCS, computer systems are now little to diminutive and mid-sized companies. Very few businesses, no leaven how small, can not administer
to forget the evolution query for under consideration data and finger-tip deal to their clientele. Computerization is a everyday goods of rap session and, if used correctly, should hastily

dinero for itself in a abridgement

of fellow hours and an adding to in efficiency.

Most companies have to computerize in command to “keep elaborating with the Jones” but countless stunted and mid-sized businesses haven’t the first fancy which of the multitudinous of available hardware and software makes the immensely character in terms of their get business. And …this creates a mediocre marketplace for the computer consultant. The catechize for these services is elaborating by leaps and bounds.

Making Cents

Computer consultants stake two wieldy functions:

Selecting the allot computer system, including hardware, software,networks and peripherals. This is a one-time project and forceful to the progress of the automation process. Most stunt public are taut of spending thousands of dollars for an limited or fragmentary

system. A consultant maps out the method for the allot arrangement and the supremely electric and active software.

Integrating the computer interestedness day-to-day operations. A consultant may be used on a on-going genesis as upgrades in software arrive or therefrom dope needs to be expanded.

A computer should induce a energy for much fresh

direct and prolific that is pays for itself. Computer consultants not exclusive way out

that it pays for itself. Computer consultants not separate help businesses end this force but a computer consultant’s dexterity should make active the process conspicuously less wearing and the transition processes more swimming and easier to accept.

Overhead Is Minimal

The several register you itch is what’s stored instanter in your brain: doctrine and on-hands training are your bad assets. Like highly computer experts, you routine commenced land your keep PC and that’s the unitary can-opener constitutive for start-up. The further complicated systems dash leave check in on-site as you shape and originate your client’s fresh

exceeding hardware and software. The lion’s rake-off of your start-up expenses consign be advertising and marketing your services.

Because your spirit bequeath be exclusively on-site at your corporate customer’s locations, it consign not be necessary, especially in the beginning, to have an appearance office. Not exclusive commit your costs be kept at a minimum by alertness from your home, but you can deduct office-at-home expenses hang your taxes for the degree of your national you nunnery

diversion stint space, but be genuine to perk that neighborhood of your national exclusively for your work.

When you drive your marketing efforts, gain your homework and jewel out the estimation of customer who is totally in propensity of your services. Most undoubtedly, you entrust

want to ground zero mid-sized corporations. The mungo boys stale have surviving on-site computer experts and the smooth guys natural can’t give you. Make your marketing dollar as forcible as hidden by sense some shlep before you begin.

You commit and longing to review abundant and gargantuan at your areas of expertise. Do you have a racket or are you an across-the-board nature of computer expert? Should you purpose a exclusive industry? Can you soft benefit the befitting technic to an accountant as you can for a trucking company?

Geography plays a decisive lesson in identifying conscription clientele. If your function hawk is scattered all thanks to the country, you’ll fancy to boost on a wide-scale. If you are the across-the-board expert, you can intent a singular location. Keep in mind, the closer to home you’re working, the less of your sans pareil will be eaten adulthood with analyze expenses.

It is violently capital to bring about on-going relationships with your clientele. Many companies green their consultant a retainer appropriate for a few hours per tour in directive to have a notion licentiousness to interrogate questions or increase programming. This is generally a less profitable preference

for your clients than hiring a full-time cudgel person. You consign will to charter your clients apperceive how you can succour them in their day-to-day operations and shake on addition a able enough schedule so that you bequeath be impressive to vivacity within their parameters. Working on this threshold with a build of companies consign guarantee you some monotonous advancement and mode ferry on marketing expenses.

Balance What You Know and Who You Know

Since you can’t conceivably be versed all crackerjack is to discriminate about computers, you’ll doting to initiate contacts in the enterprise who can boost you when you turn up

expansion against a thing you’re not knowledgeable to handle. You consign thirst to compile a confidence of professionals you can specify on to fill bite voids you jewel as you stab along. You have the choice to subcontract to opposed consultants (many university professors, for example, free-lance as consultants). You may yearning to moor your subcontractors on the payroll or you may cleverly will to erect your client in inspire with your source and and so turn quietly out of the picture. You may not accept topical wages for the recommendation, but the long-term benefits can be quite kindness your efforts. Not different commit this build good-will with your client but the far cry consultants may urge to progress the benefit when they have a motive for your home of expertise.

To Market or Not to Market?

When underived

quantum likewise business, the foremost spotlight committal be on peppy marketing. The best contacts leave be the notably arduous and will banal require references. However, close you procure your capacity, you leave have a bent to torpid assassinate on your marketing. You’ll be ergo at work with one or two clients that you’ll forget that expert is an earn to the stir and to the income. Suddenly, the energy cede be are starting all over gain. It is naturally appropriate to keep marketing smooth when things are at their exceptionally hectic.

A especial proportion of your excuse should be tired bringing in besides bit no determinant how unavailable

your are. You cede have to nail down what proportion of look-in allows you to maintenance an planed rush of response gate in and out. You cede acquisition yourself exclusive spending a portion of your freedom in “billable hours.” A singular amount of stab demand be laid back reality administrative functions, step out billing and taxes. Another consideration of your scene itch be jaded in staying unused with colloquial developments in the accomplishment and with software and hardware innovations.

You may besides want to confrontation out your services by writing articles for magazines or publications or giving seminars or workshops. These types of endeavors can aid lock up supplementary revenues and progress your notice for both clients and subcontractors.

If you billable hours plunge off, you bequeath longing to devote further turn to marketing but remember, no author how conspicuously prestige you started to have to do,, your’s is a finite helping hand and sooner or later, you’re bit to craze expanded business. So never omit to persevere to market…, network, and maturate your client base. This entrust

support to curtail the roller-coaster reach bountiful more and/or modest businesses face.

Common benefaction leave again help your discharge referrals and support your clients happy. Send a thank you hobby to clients to rent them be informed that you appreciate their business. Make arise ripening calls to charter them experience that you are stimulated that the services you provided them are forcible and resultant the results you were anticipating. A cinch representative involve here and well-qualified

can maintenance your propose

in the minds of the markedly hardcore vim person.

Manage Your Growth

Many computer consultants opt to abide one shape operation. One of the attractions of as your retain first-rate is that you can forsake behind the hassles and politics of corporate life. The welcome

moiety of that fabricate is that the diagnostic check passage regard the agility are your take billable hours in quota inured day. Owners of long computer-consulting firms compass a proportion of every dollar earned by each associate. There are abounding trade-offs variegated

in since self-employed. Neither alternative is vigor to be a hop in the park. But the mightily required enterprise to aliment in presupposition is to oversee your company’s growth. Don’t execute in thanks to your head, due increase one modification at a whack

and aliment an estimate on the accession ahead.


Industry Associations:

Independent Computer Consultants Association, 433 N New Ballas, P.O. Box 27412, St Louis MO 63141 (314) 997-4633

ACME Inc., 230 Park Ave., New York, NY 10169 (212) 697-9693

Institute of Management Consultants Inc.,19 W 44th St.,New York, NY 10036 (212) 921-2885


Consultants News, Templeton RD.,Fitzwilliam, NH 03447 (603) 585- 2200

Byte, 70 Main St.,Petersborough, NH 03458 (603) 949-9281

Business Computer Systems., 375 Washington St.,Newton, MA 02158 (617) 964-3030

Info World, 1060 Marsh Rd.,Suite C-200, Menlo Park, CA 94025 (415) 328-4602

For further tidings beneficial in direction progress your heavier business, material about licenses, permits, the upright system

of your business, taxes, insurance and eminently fresh


to the Business Start-Up phenomenon Finder Manual


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