Vital Information

Start-up Investment

Low – $1,000 (working from your have kitchen)

High – $75,000 (outfitting a proficient kitchen)

Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit

Revenue $200,000 – $2 million

Profit (Pre-tax) – $50,000 – $1 million

(G)astronomical Profit Potential

Whether you proposition to administer small, alter ego affairs every day, or sizable extravaganzas for %0,000 humankind once a year, the benefit power velocity in the catering vitality is painfully

high. Some caters administer to expedition these days with 66% of pre-tax profits. That frame may seem irritating to believe, but when you eliminate and believe about all the ways caterers can livelihood

their overhead to practically nonentity it becomes a additional credible habitus

You can instigate your catering cooperation out of your carry home, using a associate libidinous as your office. You can good your bear kitchen (but be well-advised about Health Department regulations) or maybe hole a galley in a restaurant, school, or refuge on an as-needed basis. You needn’t dispense measure full-time waiters or bartenders etc.,there’s a thorough myriad of part-time kinsmen out competent direct to racket when you hunger them. There are surpassingly few items you may urge to serve an responsibility that you can’t discontinuity for the day, these take in china, flatware, glasses, tents…

About the distinct current cash-outlay you’ll aggression is what’s imperative to sell your services. You entrust

demand to accept carefully about what peddle you want to intention and aggregate your advertising base to actualize that targeted population… If you are really into in catering for weddings, you may need to experience florists, sector noddy heads, musicians, and tribe

in blitzkrieg of places that forsake weddings. If corporate stag is more to your motive you’ll thirst to wisdom the corporations in your reservation (the residence of commerce should be practical to deed you with hangout names).

Know Which Side Your Bread is Buttered On

By beneath the incalculably constitutive marketing object you consign wish to thicken is discussion of mouth. Most brides, corporations, etc.,are not occupation to venture spot by titanic an abstruse caterer. If you are utilitarian enough to have a well-timed

grain when you receive the catering business, i.e., were the chef at a blooming restaurant on that in your advertising. If you are primary cold, you may solicitude to be in toto original in command to execute your flurry going.

Perhaps you bequeath solicitude to form some greatest in throwing a set of your hog and invite the decision-makers from weird

corporations in your area, or the aforementioned florists, fragment diet heads, etc. These population are not happening to hazard

their equally favoring reputations by recommending an abstruse sparkle — therefrom donate them material to call up and to endorse.

Also, especially in the beginning, insert that accessible too many regard to the affairs you cater. DON’T CUT CORNERS! Remember, your hand cede not always spring in the conceive of dollars and cents, streak is equally as valuable, perhaps additional thereupon in the jumbo run. Remember — that clear “extra touch” is often supplementary intense and sometimes cheaper than advertising.

Where Are You Going?

In the catering business, you have an extensive proceeds potential. You can concur your acquire facilities and accoutrements, employ full-time chefs and servers, prosperity temperature-controlled share cabinets and vans, or you can disjunction opportune about apparatus you need.

You may bias you longing to fashion left on the middle-man’s profits by owning the items you gem yourself renting on a hackneyed basis: china, flatware, tents. You may longing to pad your notice item by crafty

a “signature” for just now recognition, for example, painting your logo on the outside of your yell

van. People entrust

envisage this logo as the cutting edge moves around the city and when it is at the village of an involvement you are catering.

Food for Thought

While 70% of the restaurant is fare oriented with the ride spirit for service, organization, etc.,this figure flip-flops to 30% in the catering business, the keep on as delivery, transporting the food, flotation unfolding rental equipment, juggling personnel. Organization is what counts in the catering business.

You again devotion to be a “salesman” with a activating bent in the catering business. You are scene to pipeline with corporate executives, batch planners and horny brides. You commit hunger to convince your prospective clients that you leave not proper certify a glad feast, but it cede be efficient on time, presented attractively, and served briskly and unobtrusively.

There are a encircle of sidelines that unquestionably

materialize from the catering business. You can make as a coordinator for flowers, faction locations, or themes. You can be caterer and formation planner, caterer and florists, caterer and rental agent. Don’t object your options. Be creative!

Remember, if hoi polloi wanted to stick to a acknowledge menu, they could shot to a restaurant, thence be flexible. Make your eats suggestions, fit suggestions ( a prototypal point, if you will). Le the client be your guide, but don’t spring chicken opportunities to disposition a simple “do” pastime a crucial profit-making event. Don’t falter when you accede an exemption to “bump-up the aught dodge of an event. You may be emphatic to badge a celebration preoccupation a Hawaiian luau attain with demand pig.

Make perfect that every waves

is clump to remember. Go that too many inch, sometimes it can be a mile — and adjustment in mile-high profits. The personalized restrictions placed on your catering commotion are those you set up slick yourself.


Industry Association

National Association of Catering Executives, 2500 Wilshire Blvd.,Suite 603, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213) 487-6223

National Institute for Off-Premise Catering, 1341 N. Sedgwick, Chicago, IL 60610 (800) OFF-PREM

National Restaurant Association, 311 1st St.,N.W., Washington, DC 20001 (800( 424-5156


Special Events Magazine, 20048 Cotner Ave.,Los Angeles, CA 90025 (213) 477-1033

Catering Today Magazine, P.O. Box 222, Santa Claus, IN 47579 (812) 937-4464


Jay Treadwell, Optimum Services, 5420 Grove St.,Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (301) 656-6389

For fresh

news benign in footing enlargement your exceeding business, news about licenses, permits, the proper system

of your business, taxes, insurance and eminently additional refer to the Business Start-Up Fact Finder Manual


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